My name is Oliver, I travel and sing in a band called Broadside. These are all my photographs.


I’ve been working all summer on bringing this project to life. I have also been very busy writing my band, Broadside ‘s new record.. I’m a few tracks away from a full mixtape which I plan on releasing late November. If you’re into slow, sexy sad boy r&b you might feel this. I pull from a lot of influences like The weekend, Frank Ocean, XXYYXX etc. Please share it and let me know what you think. 

The project is being released under the name: Bvxxter (cause I’m artsy or some shit) and this track is called “night” which is also the name/theme of the mixtape.

I wanted to record a record based solely on the mystery and sexiness of the night. SO every single track/metaphor is based around that concept.

You can download this track for free here!



Lately all I want to do 
is lay around with you.
SEED-New Orleans. chickpea breaded tofu po boy.
This city is alive with the night. New Orleans.